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Version 2022 (6.9) Releases
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  Product Name & Version Release Date  
  ToolPac–Subledger Reconciliation Toolsets 2022G
Get Rid Of Incomplete Transactions In Your Daily Accounting!
October 6, 2021  
  BACCPAC Pro & Lite 2022C
An Accountant’s Tool For Sage 300 Backup!
October 11, 2021  
  PJC Security 2022B
Advanced Security Solutions for PJC Contracts!
October 22, 2021  
  Revenue and Expense Deferrals 2022E
Amortize Transactions Over Service Contract Periods!
November 4, 2021  
  Intercompany Utilities 2022E
Consolidate Intercompany Information & Transact Across Multiple Companies!
November 24, 2021  
  SYSTRONICS Stock Aging Report 2022B
View And Print Aging Of Stock!
November 29, 2021  
  Field Extender Enterprise 2022F
Add Fields & Files Anywhere In Sage 300!
January 19, 2022  
  Document Attachment Applets 2022F
Attach Scanned Documents & Rich Text To Multiple Sage 300 Transactions!
January 20, 2022  
  AR-AP Settlements 2022H
Settle A/R Transactions With A/P Transactions!
January 25, 2022  
  Cashflow Forecasting 2022H
Your Insight Into Effective Cash Management!
February 18, 2022  
  CashWorks Pro & Lite 2022F
Comprehensive Cash Management!
March 3, 2022  
  Gulf Utilities for Payroll 2022E
The Missing Link For Sage 300 Payroll!
March 11, 2022