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Solutions Analysis

We solicit inquiries from Sage 300 Solution Providers and Sage 300 Customers alike, for the analysis of requirements concerning Sage 300 based business solutions in the following areas:

  • Identification of industry specific solutions,
  • Analysis of custom reports or inquiry screens,
  • Technical analysis for View and UI customization,
  • Analysis of Sage 300 macros,
  • Analysis of workarounds,
  • Implementation Assistance.



Here is the deal! On your behalf, we analyze an existing application and report to you how feasible it is as a solution for your specific requirement. Alternatively, you may specify your requirements and let us research on your behalf, reporting to you available solutions.


You just need to follow these simple steps:

  • Define your requirements in writing (one to two pages),
  • Optionally identify Add-Ons or solutions that may address your needs,
  • Let us make our suggestions for products, solutions or customizations,
  • Our Sage 300 Certified Consultants will analyze the solution, and
  • Prepare an evaluation report for you, qualifying the selected solution.