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How to customize Sage 300 2023
using Field Extender™
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1. In addition to optional fields made available by the Sage 300 2023 Transaction Analysis and Optional Fields Creator module, Field Extender allows adding unlimited optional fields to ANY Sage 300 screen. Moreover, Field Extender works with most 3rd party SDK applications.
2. Field Extender allows attaching electronic files to ANY Sage 300 screen. For example, you may attach scanned vendor invoices to A/P transactions, images to Inventory Items, or employee photos to US/Canadian Payroll records.
3. Field Extender allows validation of captured optional fields against any Sage 300 table. In addition to saving time by eliminating the requirement of updating validation tables manually or by macros, this feature allows keeping validation tables updated at all time.
4. By offering the "Field Sets" feature, Field Extender allows using different sets of optional fields for the same Sage 300 screen. For example, different sets of optional fields may be assigned to different types of businesses.
5. The "Field Groups" feature in Field Extender allows sub-grouping optional fields. In case of a big number of optional fields, this facility makes data entry more convenient to the user. As per user preferences, each sub-group may be expanded or collapsed.
6. In Field Extender, the maximum length of a "String Type" field is 255 characters. This is limited to 60 characters in the Sage 300 2023 Transaction Analysis and Optional Fields Creator module.
7. When the length of captured text exceeds the column width, Field Extender opens a text box automatically, to display the full contents and make data entry user friendly.
8. Field Extender allows attaching Rich Text files without size limitation to ANY Sage 300 screen. For example, you may attach complete production procedures or safety measures to MISys screens.
9. Field Extender supports multiple optional field records per Sage 300 record. For example, you may capture multiple sets of vendor related optional fields for each I/C Item.
10. Field Extender 2021F has a newly added Screen Configuration screen, which allows to define Sage 300 screens where F/E Optional Fields will be used and Sage 300 users who will access F/E optional fields on these screens.
11. The F/E 2019E Customization Guide provides hints on development techniques.
Product Main Page