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Australian Debut for CashWorks™ & Field Extender™

Partnership Australia 2003 becomes entry point for SYSTRONICS products

Dubai - October 2, 2003: SYSTRONICS, an ACCPAC Development Partner, announced today that it will be debuting its latest product offerings at ACCPAC Partnership Australia 2003, which is to be held in Sidney, Australia, between the 2nd–4th October, 2003. Visitors to the show will be able to find information on CashWorks and Field Extender in the exhibitor catalog (Link to AD).

ACCPAC Partnership Australia 2003 is an annual event that brings together ACCPAC Solution Providers & Development Partners from around the Australia and New Zealand region to give them insight into the latest developments and solutions that are currently being deployed by some of the leading organizations around the world.

"The Australian and New Zealand markets offer tremendous opportunities with their large ACCPAC customer base," said Zareh Tutunjian, CEO of SYSTRONICS. "We are very keen on partnering with ACCPAC Solution Providers in that region and helping them provide their customers with the unique value-added services that our applications offer," continued Tutunjian.

SYSTRONICS CashWorks is a custom-made application that is specifically designed to simplify transaction processing for any industry, regardless of whether they are current or post dated.

"With CashWorks, our customers for the first time will be able to use ACCPAC Advantage Series to process post-dated checks, which is particularly useful for those organizations that are based in countries where post-dated checks are popular payment methods," continued Tutunjian.

The second product offering from SYSTRONICS is Field Extender, which is an excellent add-in to help address stringent, boundless and unforeseen reporting requirements. By providing the ability to add unlimited user-defined fields to transactions, Field Extender takes ACCPAC Advantage Series one step further in being one of the easiest customizable ERP solutions in the market.

With 47 years experience in business solutions, 29 years Sage 300 know-how and 17 powerful Sage 300 SDK applications, SYSTRONICS is recognized as a reliable Development Partner by vendors and customers alike.  Over the years, SYSTRONICS' achievements have been acknowledged by international market leaders, in testimony of which they have rewarded SYSTRONICS with prestigious industry accolades.  SYSTRONICS is the winner of the “Sage Development Partner of the Year 2006-2007 for International Achievement” and “Sage Development Partner of the Year 2005” awards. “AR-AP Settlements™”, “BACCPAC™”, “Cashflow Forecasting™”, “CashWorks™”, “Database Manager™”, “Field Extender™”, “Gulf Utilities™ for Payroll”, “I/C Item Converter™”, “I/C Multi-Location Cost Averaging™”, “I/C Stock Aging Report™”, “Intercompany Utilities™”, “iPortal™”, “MyHelp™”, “PJC Security™”, “Revenue & Expense Deferrals™”, “Royalty Payments™”, “SYSTRONICS Stock Aging Report™”,“ToolPac - Subledger Reconciliation Toolsets™”, “Trade Finance™”, “Trade Job Costing™” & “MyOwnAddOn™” are products and services available from SYSTRONICS (