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Field Extender™ Enhances Customization Features in ACCPAC Advantage Series

Unlimited reporting opportunities added to financial and operational transactions

Dubai – October 1, 2003: SYSTRONICS, an ACCPAC Development Partner, today announced the release of Field Extender 5.2A for ACCPAC Advantage Series, which is an add-in that helps address stringent, boundless and unforeseen reporting requirements.

"By providing the ability to add unlimited user-defined fields to transactions, Field Extender takes ACCPAC Advantage Series one step further in being one of the easiest customizable ERP solutions in the market that meet customer requirements and expectations," said Zareh Tutunjian, CEO of SYSTRONICS.

By using Field Extender, ACCPAC Advantage Series customers and Solution Providers are now able to design sophisticated transaction forms and reports required for logistics, warehousing, manufacturing, wholesale and other specialized businesses, where there is demand for numerous transaction-related parameters, such as details on shipping companies, country-specific freight clearing documentation, industry-specific services with related rates and advanced warehousing requirements, among others.

"When Solution Providers face situations where implementation of a system calls for quotations, sales orders, invoices, packing lists, purchase orders and other documents produced by the system to include project-specific or country-specific information, Field Extender is the ideal solution, as it allows them to define, capture and report on a great number of customized parameters," continued Tutunjian.

Field Extender is developed using the ACCPAC Advantage Series Software Development Kit (SDK), enabling all supported databases and tables created by it to be portable, using standard ACCPAC tools.

"In large implementation projects, when the order of the day calls for adding 15, 20 or sometimes as many as 50 user-defined fields to a purchase order or stock item, Field Extender can really make the difference," concluded Tutunjian.

With 47 years experience in business solutions, 29 years Sage 300 know-how and 17 powerful Sage 300 SDK applications, SYSTRONICS is recognized as a reliable Development Partner by vendors and customers alike.  Over the years, SYSTRONICS' achievements have been acknowledged by international market leaders, in testimony of which they have rewarded SYSTRONICS with prestigious industry accolades.  SYSTRONICS is the winner of the “Sage Development Partner of the Year 2006-2007 for International Achievement” and “Sage Development Partner of the Year 2005” awards. “AR-AP Settlements™”, “BACCPAC™”, “Cashflow Forecasting™”, “CashWorks™”, “Database Manager™”, “Field Extender™”, “Gulf Utilities™ for Payroll”, “I/C Item Converter™”, “I/C Multi-Location Cost Averaging™”, “I/C Stock Aging Report™”, “Intercompany Utilities™”, “iPortal™”, “MyHelp™”, “PJC Security™”, “Revenue & Expense Deferrals™”, “Royalty Payments™”, “SYSTRONICS Stock Aging Report™”,“ToolPac - Subledger Reconciliation Toolsets™”, “Trade Finance™”, “Trade Job Costing™” & “MyOwnAddOn™” are products and services available from SYSTRONICS (