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SYSTRONICS ERP & CRM Customizations

SYSTRONICS has made its mark in providing highly customized solutions that maximize the functionality of your Sage 300 and Sage CRM implementations to meet your specific business needs. We offer our customization services at affordable rates. Please contact for details.

You can review and evaluate sample customizations by using the search tool below.
Existing customizations are available for purchase under the following terms:
  • "As Is" Selling Prices are net.
  • Software Assurance is not applicable.
  • Upgrades are chargeable.

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"As Is"
Selling Price
LS One Integration with Sage 300 This bidirectional custom-developed interface suports criteria based data transfer from Sage 300 to retail POS software LS One. Data transfer is implemented using intermediary (staging) database. more... USD 7,500.00 USD 7,500.00 United Arab Emirates 31 Jul, 2018
O/E Order Validation The application does not allow posting O/E Orders if the Standard Cost is 0 for any of its items in the respective location. more... USD 1,000.00 USD 1,000.00 United Arab Emirates 15 Jun, 2018
Copy I/C Average to I/C Standard Cost The application copies I/C Item Average Cost to Standard Cost. It includes both automatic and manual processings. more... USD 2,250.00 USD 2,250.00 United Arab Emirates 15 Jun, 2018
Creation of A/R Receipt Batches based on a TXT file The application processes a TXT file sent by the bank and creates an A/R Receipt batch with a Miscellaneous Receipt entry for each record. more... USD 6,000.00 USD 6,000.00 United States Of America 15 Jun, 2018
UAE VAT Return Report The application generates a VAT Return file in .xlsx and/or .pdf formats based on the predefined configurations and UAE Federal Tax Authority requirements. more... USD 8,000.00 USD 8,000.00 United Arab Emirates 2 Mar, 2018
Autogeneration of A/P Invoice Batches and Extraction of A/P Payment Data The application automatically creates A/P Invoice batch(es) based on the excel file(s) provided by a third-party application. more... USD 8,000.00 USD 8,000.00 United States Of America 2 Feb, 2018
Bank Transfer Voucher The customization adds a new screen for printing Payment and Receipt Vouchers based on the bank transfers posted in the Bank Services modules. more... USD 1,500.00 USD 1,500.00 United Arab Emirates 12 Jan, 2018
Autogeneration of A/R Receipt Batches The C# application automatically creates an A/R Receipt batch based on the Bank Deposit file received from bank. more... USD 12,000.00 USD 12,000.00 United States Of America 7 Nov, 2016
O/E Transaction Screen Modifications The customization makes the Price List, Discount % and Discount Amount fields read-only on the O/E Order Entry, O/E Shipment Entry and O/E Invoice Entry screens. more... USD 1,500.00 USD 1,500.00 Middle East and Africa 22 Sep, 2016
New Security Right for Fiscal Calendar A new “Lock/Unlock General Ledger” security right is introduced by customization. more... USD 2,000.00 USD 2,000.00 Middle East and Africa 22 Sep, 2016